Savannah Bleyle /Hair Stylist

Franz Jeremy Burge't /Barber

Ken Yasuda/Scissor Specialist

Savannah Bleyle aka Savannah Peaches Hair former member of Le Burget Salon lead colorist and exceptional at cutting hair and styling

Owner of 20th Salon and Barber. Franz Jeremy boasts over seven years of experience as a licensed barber and cosmetologist. He continues blending the traditional barbering techniques with intricate shear work and voluminous blow drying to create a signature brand associated with the 20th Salon and Barber name. 

Welcome to "Hair Eater TV". Thaddeus has pioneered our industry as the first video game Twitch stream haircutting service. He provides his clients with a wide range of edgy modern hairstyles as well as a well placed proper fade all while talking anime, music, and video games. (haircut and gaming service is live-streamed)

Thaddeus Wysocki aka haireatertv san francisco barber and hairstylist expert in anime recognition and music lover

Thaddeus Wysocki /Barber

Savannah was an instrumental part of the success of our former business Le Burge't Salon. In the 5 years of experience at our shop (7 altogether as a stylist) and 2 years as our lead colorist, Savannah provided her clientele with the highest level of hair artistry. Unlike most other stylist, she excels at hair coloring, long hair cutting, and blow dry styling. Savannah is truly the full creative package the Mission District craves. 

Secondary logo of 20th Salon and Barber located in the Mission District of San Francisco

Tuesday-Saturday 9am-9pm    Fridays 11am-9pm

Tubbycuts aka Luis Ordoveza alumni and master barber of ssfbahi clipper mentor of Jeremy
Men's hairstylist and owner of 20th Salon and Barber Franz Jeremy Burget

Luis "Tubbs" Ordoveza /Barber

Mizutani california hairstylist barber Ken Yasuda scissor specialist texture haircuts

Luis "Tubbs" started his journey as a barber at the early age of 14 in his home town of Manila. He first met Jeremy at barber school where they both excitedly shared their knowledge and skills of each of their respected crafts. With his mastery in precision fades and designs, and his broadening skills in shear work, Tubbs will quickly rise as one of the top barbers of San Francisco.

As a current sales representative and educator of one of the top scissor companies in the world Mizutani, Ken brings a world of experience as our shear specialist at 20th Salon and Barber. As a shear specialist, Ken boasts a full arsenal of Japanese texturizing techniques for longer women's hair as well as traditional scissor over comb haircuts.